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Hello friends, welcome to all of you in our market for 242 2024. Friends, I am going to show you the line track formula here and friends, the line was very strong and absolutely accurate and here friends, give the print of whatever is your pair. night kalyan chart Should have gone because friends, repeat pair means five under two, two, friends, here, friends, friends of this, friends, family pair, friends, it was coming and friends, it went on the cut, zero opened, but friends, it is this, friends, zero paw, zero paw, so many friends.  We too, friends, face a lot of trouble, because friends work hard for you, you all know it, friends, here, friends, a very beautiful trick was shown to all of you, my friends, I failed here, no problem, friends.  You all know that line trick, friends, is very beautiful and friends, it is very strong, and here friends, I will show you the line truck of my Kalyan Market, so friends, if you guys are new to this channel of ours.

Satka Matka Kalyan Chart Aaj Ka Open Kya Hai

Friends, there is a very beautiful and very lovely trick here, friends, how it is going to be adopted, then a very beautiful friend, I will show you all the line trick friends, carefully friends, just understand how this line works friends.  Satta matka So first friends, this is the first set, friends, how do we run it here, friends, I am showing it to you in a great way. So friends, the first set of our date is very beautiful. See, 143 2022 p. Friends, the first set seems to be our pair.  Friends, which pair is formed on the number 74? If the pair on number 74 is formed, then on 74, friends, this pair is a walk down. On 74, the paler pair is on 47. This is the pair on number 47. On 74, friends, this pair is on the 47th number.  Friends, on this cross of the same day, friends, this Jodi of number 23 runs on Wednesday, and this jodi, friends, Kalyan chat next day on Tuesday, friends of number 23, friends of number 23, family jodi, family jodi returns here, friends, if it is done then to understand.  Friends, please try also, I mean Total friends, see what is playing with Total.

Satka Matka Kalyan Chart Bhejo

One total on one total, then five totals on five totals, then the second set, my friends, becomes the second set, friends, see here, friends, the date of the second set, you will see here, my line truck friends, which is 412202, it becomes a pair.  You will see, friends, on the first set, kalyan chart panel the pair of number five to six, what pair was formed. 74 and this pair friends, my meaning is this five-six, friends, when it started, then from here friends, on the next set, friends, this pair of number six to five also became the reverse pair.  The first set is on 74 at 47 and friends, the second set is on 56 at 65, which is one total on one total, friends, a pair is formed on the cross of this, friends, you will see that the pair of number 96 runs on Wednesday and this pair, friends, kalyan chart day will play its match the next day.  Since Tuesday, friends, this chach pe friends, Apna 9 ch means, forgive me, five totals on zero total, which was on the first condition, two threes on two threes, then five totals on five totals.

Satta Matta Matka Kalyan Chart Guessing

Friends, Apna 7 was bet on 4, 4, 7, so one total on one total, here, 5, 6, 6, on one total is also on one total, friends, here beautiful friends, Apna Line plays with trick, friends, now let's understand.  So here friends, you will see a very beautiful and strong Apna trick, friends, what do you think, after that friends, as soon as Apna plays this, from here friends will come three times down, how much friends, Apna down three times friends. kalyan chart, fix If Apna is down then the pair starts from here, friends, watch from here Apna friends, from Tuesday here, friends, here you will see in a tremendous way, friends, I am showing you the line, it is two or three, please forgive me, from here, one, two, three, down pair starts, friends.  Number 20 Jodi Ye Ro Ka Friends Apna Jodi Chalte Hai And Ye Jodi As Same Chalte Hai

Matka Satta Kalyan Chart Record Jodi

From here, one, two, three, four, stop down means zero, that is, on two zeros, from zero to seven, keep in mind the common pair. Friends, the one whose family is placed on the second set also, friends, the same family pair is placed on the same set. Friends, the same thing is said on the common pair, it is two.  satta kalyan chart Friends, as soon as the pair of friends of number zero to seven is formed, only then friends will watch from here, friends from the line, you will watch from here, from here 1 2 3 4 5 6 week down, your friends will watch this on Wednesday, friends, the same family pair.  It means first friends, this is two zero, zero to seven, only then friends, six week down on Wednesday, this is friends, return starts as a family pair, on common pair, on the second set too, friends, it should be the same, so from here friends, see 1 2 three down.  Satta matka See what is formed on the common addition, a family of numbers from zero to two. Now this family is formed friends. So now friends, we have to move to Chark down on Monday. One couplet Chark down 0 on two, friends. From seven to five, friends, a family pair is formed only then friends.  This pair is six weeks down, your friends will see on Wednesday, friends from here 1 couplet, 4 five more friends, six weeks down on Wednesday, friends, you will see this five to two, which friends common pair means two on seven total, friends, this is with the condition here.  It comes after playing. Now you understand, friends, as soon as it is made, with the same condition, friends, I am showing you one more trick to all of you, matka satta please understand carefully, this is two zeros. Friends, as soon as my first set is made, on this very week.  Friends, Apna Jodi runs on Friday, Friends, what Jodi starts from Zero to N?

kalyan aaj ka open chart

Friends, if it is common then we will come from here on Wednesday. 1 2 3 4 5 6 seven up down 09. Friends, which pair appears from number 5 to 09. If the pair from 9 to five appears then its family pair.  From here 1 doti done 9 pa pe friends from number five to four, this is the family family, friends, our return is done. Now see friends, when the return is going on, friends, when the return is going on, then the second set should also be the same, friends. Have you understood?  On the second set, friends, Apna should be the same, then on 02, friends, Apna will be seen. On Friday, friends, see the family pair, the same means, friends, a family has been formed of 9 zeros, satta matka number so this five to four, this pair, friends, is in a tremendous way, now we have to move.  Here friends, on Wednesday you will see 1 doti, 4 pa, 6, seven wak down. Friends, the pair runs from number four to five. How many pairs are formed, this is the family pair of this group. Friends, if the ton runs again, then this pair is one, two, three down common from here.  Friends, you will see that the same friends is coming here as Apna, this is the specialty of the trick because friends, the common on the first set is made on the common Jodi, on the second set too, friends, Apna Common is made on the common Jodi only, so friends.  Now friends, please try to understand here, friends, it has been played like this, that is, friends, you all will understand, Kalyan bazar I am just showing you friends, please understand carefully, now friends, see what will be formed, if 54 is preceded by 70 then 54 is preceded by 7.  G's family is his family, so friends, see this pair of yours. If you get a pair of numbers one to two, then if you get a pair of numbers nine to five, then zero to six, these friends, whatever is made of this, see your friends. The total of pairs of one and two is three.  See, friends, the total of the pair has come from zero to three. Friends, we have made a total of three. Friends, we have made a pair, so this friends, in front of it, see, there is nine to five, then behind this, friends, see four is the number of zero, friends, it is a family, this is four.  Zero number of friends is family

Satka Matka Kalyan Ka Chart Bhejiye

So what is left from zero to six, this is zero to six, I don't think that friends should make it a repeat again, my friends, I hope that my zero should not become a pun. If it has to be made, then friends, here I think that friends, it should become an open p.  And six to zero, six to five numbers should be paired, why should it be made, keep proving it to all of you, see the pair of numbers zero to 6 on 0 one, after that 07 on 2 5, the same family pair is paired on it.  As soon as 0 is placed on one row, the pair of six numbers below this, friends, five to two numbers move on a common pair, meaning 0, one 06, below this, five to two numbers move on the common pair, so now friends, see zero.  Kalyan chart night Friends, when we have started with this family of numbers from seven to two to five, then below this, friends, now we should come to this common pair, the family of number zero to six, which, friends, I feel is our pair from number six to zero six to five.  I feel that friends, this pair of numbers 606 to 5 will be very strong and very strong, so I hope that here friends, you all will definitely play the pair of numbers 60 6 to 5 because see, pray for me.  Dua on close, open zero, zero open on close, just understand how friends will do the trick, open on close, open on close is the same thing, this is what is made, meaning close is on close, friends, see, friends, it is made on close only, close on open means this is on cut.  Now it has gone from close to open. Now friends, you all must have understood whether we should go for cut or close, friends. Panja and I feel that the pair from number 66 to 5 is going to be very strong, so here friends and  Friends, I am showing a trick to all of you, see, it is a simple trick, it means 59 on 14, the total of four open opens on 14, here also friends, the total of four open opens is five, so the total of open opens becomes nine, 1.  Kalyan chart number Open pay is coming either friends, here we can open a open, I think eight open friends, it is Saturday, so I hope I can do it with another 77 a, friends, I am showing you a trick, see what.  Banega karke ye isi ka family jodi pa family jodi bana char meaning chan pe yeh meaning 4 aa pe 9 aa ka family yeh chalo aa ke 9 aa ka family yeh chahiye friends correct this family now on top of that pa is the pair of number two to zero so two zero pe friends two to pa  Friends, this is also the family pair of the same, on two zeros, two to five, on the same, friends, what is left from three to seven, so here on three to seven, friends, I think a pair of 7 3 78 and 8 plus 8 twos will come.  That's all friends, I just feel like this friends, you all play it, I am feeling very awesome, come and do it my friends, this pair of 8 Sa and 8 Do Sati 78, just for another, 6 Pa 6 to zero number.  That's all for today, friends, whatever line track formula you had, I showed it to you all here, if you all like it and understand it.

Satta Matta Matka Kalyan Chart Trick

So friends, please play with your responsibility, then finally your Kalyan Market is here, friends, the date will be 24220 24 Saturday, open close and pair will remain for the closed market, so friends, here your Kalyan Market is done for friends, 242 204.  My friends, the line trick which I told to all of you friends, here friends, I think that friends will be open which is friends, my strong will be on open, friends and I think friends, one will come on eight open and friends, play on eight open and one friends.  Apna 7 Open is coming and friends of pair let's talk, on the pair of number six to zero, pair of number six to five has become and friends, whatever is for A, Apna is on the pair of eight to two, friends.  Apna Jodi and friends Apna, here for Sat, there are pairs of seven to eight numbers on seven to three. This friends, you guys will play and Super Jodi friends, you all have to play one pair of three to two on one to five.  Kalyan satta matka Just keep this friends for supporting, it is done, this is a pair of two friends, my pair and advance friends, the trick shown to all of you friends by the line trick is amazing, I think friends can make a claw close, if friends by line.  If it comes then this friends, Apna Jodi Banega Apna Aatha and friends, it is done with power and friends, if it can play, then one friend, I think, here friends, with the line truck, friends here, it can make dua close pa, this claw is done.  And friends, blessings, if this comes on open page, friends, then obviously I feel that friends should go here only after giving a pair of prints, then advance close paw and friends, blessings, you guys can keep it, if it is done then see you in the next video.  Hello thank you

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